Refrigeration for Festivals

We've years of experience providing both fridge and freezer trailers to a wide range of clients for festivals and corporate events.

We have the capacity to provide sufficient cold space whatever your requirement.

Our trailers have been utilised at festivals across the South/South West including Glastonbury, Bestival and Boomtown.

Our units arrive spotlessly clean ensuring your stock can be stored and chilled to the perfect temperature.

Emergency cover Arctic trailers are only a phone call away should you have a sudden refrigeration emergency. Once set up our trailers are ready to use within the hour

Arctic Trailers at Camp Bestival

Emergencies & Breakdowns

Has your cold room broken down or do you simply require additional cold storage during busy periods?

Arctic Trailers are only a phone call away. With a wide range of both fridge and freezer trailers. Once on site we can be up and running in less than an hour.

Long term hire rates available, please Contact Us for more details.

Need a Fridge Engineer?

We work closely with our friends at Express Refrigeration.

In the event of a major breakdown we can provide required cold storage while yours is being repaired.